Brand refresh. Now with significantly more badass.

I wanted to launch my freelance business with a blitz of all new everything. New website, new reel, new look for my collateral materials such as resumes, invoices, ect. What I didn’t want to change was some of the more basic stuff like the logo. I wanted to keep as well as a lot of […]

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8-Bit Fun with Origo’s “A Digital Christmas”

I wrapped up the Holiday Video for Origo not too very long ago and wanted to take some time to talk about the process behind it. It’s a fun video– very different from last year’s but really fun it its own way. Holiday videos are great becacuse they allow a lot of creative freedom. They still have […]

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Things are looking a little different around here…

Things might look a little different here to longtime readers. And really, anyone who’s read any of my previous blog posts is a longtime reader at this point. Because it’s been that long since I’ve posted. served, for more than a year, as my presence on the internet and as a way to attract […]

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Origo Holiday Video

I’ve only been working at Origo for around three short months, but I’ve already done some great projects I’m really proud of. We’ve done a lot of great work for some really neat clients that I hope to share, but we also managed to fit in making a holiday promotion for ourselves. We went through a lot […]

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Enron Video Screenshot

Exxon’s “Fireworks”—Analysis of a great Motion piece

So, yes, I know that I haven’t posted in this blog for over two months.  As soon as april hit, things got intense, and really didn’t slow down till the end of may.  Worked on a lot of fun projects with a lot of fun clients.  Some great pieces, as well, which you can expect […]

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Motion Blurb

Elliott Cennamo is a Motion Graphics designer living in and working out of Columbus, Ohio. Elliott has had the pleasure of working with some of the world's top brands and, in addition to being Emmy Nominated, Elliott's award-winning work has entertained in major sports arenas, been broadcast nationwide, and been used to spur changes in public policy.