Pinchflat Poster

Pinchflat Poster Process

I was at the CSCA meeting a few months back when they announced the Pinchflat poster show here in Columbus.  If you don’t want to click the link, it’s a poster gallery show here in May featuring bicycle themed posters.  Motion Graphics keeps me pretty busy lately (for which I am very lucky), but that means that […]

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  • The full spread of everything. Business cards, Reel case and DVD.
  • Nice detail on the reel case with sticker sealing it shut.
  • The letterpress "bite"
  • Business card front. The green is all impressed, leaving a raised logo in the center.
  • Business card back. Name and all the important stuff.

Ready to hand out to Clients!

Been rather busy with client work lately (more on that in another post!), but during a painfully long render I found the time to finally take some photos of my completed branded elements that I’ve gotten together.  I got the business cards and the shells to the reel cases in in January, but just recently […]

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Motion Graphics as a Presentation Tool

Lately, I’ve noticed more and more instances of Motion Graphics being used as a presentation tool as opposed to some of its more traditional uses.  This isn’t an extremely new trend, and is something that I used years ago to wow NSAC judges when I was in school.  I’ve found that this is an unexpected […]

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The Last Month

So, obviously, I haven’t posted on here for a month.  You were probably asking yourself “did something happen?” or “Did he forget about us?” or “Did he take a break for the holidays, never to return?”.  Well, yes I did take a break for the holidays, but I’ve been right busy since!  Business cards and […]

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Off to the printer’s!

As a bit of a subtext to all of this design work I’ve been doing for new personal branding is my trying to find a printer who can create these designs I’ve been doing and not charge me a zillion dollars.  Prices seem to be pretty variable as far as these things go, and the […]

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Motion Blurb

Elliott Cennamo is a Motion Graphics designer living in and working out of Columbus, Ohio. Elliott has had the pleasure of working with some of the world's top brands and, in addition to being Emmy Nominated, Elliott's award-winning work has entertained in major sports arenas, been broadcast nationwide, and been used to spur changes in public policy.