Business Cards

Ah, business cards. As someone who primarily designs for screen, I sometimes forget how different it is to design for print.  Things that look good on screen can have the tendency to look overproduced or poorly designed when printed.  And some of my favorite print designs, often with big fields of flat color, would look […]

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Slowly but surely

After spending the last two days wrangling with CSS, you may now notice that the “reel” link now functions!  Also, that page has replaced the “Coming Soon” page that had long been the landing page of  Horrah!  Progress! Anyways, tell me what you think.  Is the layout nice?  Does the video load quick enough? Thanks, […]

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So it begins

Alright!  My first foray into the blog space!  I’ve had a bit of a desire to start up one of these for a while, and I feel that my impending new branding launch is a good time to shake these things up and get started. I hope to use this space to showcase work that […]

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That was harder than it had to be!

I’m not a web designer nor do I ever intend to be on any real scale, but I do style myself a designer designer, so I’m picky when it comes to what fonts I use and general colors and layouts.  Blogger did not make this easy, which was very frustrating, but it did make it […]

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Motion Blurb

Elliott Cennamo is a Motion Graphics designer living in and working out of Columbus, Ohio. Elliott has had the pleasure of working with some of the world's top brands and, in addition to being Emmy Nominated, Elliott's award-winning work has entertained in major sports arenas, been broadcast nationwide, and been used to spur changes in public policy.