Things are looking a little different around here…

Things might look a little different here to longtime readers. And really, anyone who’s read any of my previous blog posts is a longtime reader at this point. Because it’s been that long since I’ve posted. served, for more than a year, as my presence on the internet and as a way to attract new freelance clients and show them my work. There was always a bit of excitement when a project would finally launch and I’d be able to put the project up on my website and tweet it out to the world. There was always the feeling like my portfolio of work got a little bit better every week and that anyone watching my site could see my evolution as an artist in almost real time.

Art vs. Time

After I was hired on at Origo, about 11 months ago, I didn’t stop producing cool stuff. If anything, I produced more cool stuff than ever before. But for a couple of reasons, stagnated. When I started freelancing full time in 2011, I coded the site by hand. It gave me the flexibility to have the site look exactly like I wanted it to. And as someone who loves using curved shapes in his branding, that sort of flexibility was very much needed. However, adding new pieces meant redoing the code in ever page by hand— an unpleasant process more than worth it when freelancing was my main source of income. But with the full time gig came the end of the “hustle”, as they say. I no longer had to worry about where the next paycheck was coming from and could concentrate on growing myself as an artist within the excellent Origo team. Of course, this meant that the website sat static. A few days ago if you had come here, you would have seen the Summer 2012 reel just as it was back then. It’s not that I’m not proud of that work. I certainly am. But I’ve done a lot since. Gained new skills and worked with excellent new clients. I slowly became more and more embarrassed by how the work and reel shown on no longer reflected the breadth of my skill set.

Of course, I could have just updated my reel and called it a day. But after 2 years, I felt that the brand itself needed a refresh. That proved to be a fun challenge in itself— how to update the look of the brand while still keeping all of the same brand elements, colors, and collateral.


Old vs. New

Before, the emphasis was on varying layered shades of green, I dropped the middle shade and emphasized the contrast between the dark green and the white/cream colors. It had the effect of lightening up the entire site and making it feel more dynamic. The position of the navigation and the logo were reversed, and the header image now falls behind the content area instead of in front of it. Furthermore, the blog was brought into the same template (farewell, blogger!) which makes the site that much more nicely unified.

Old Blog vs. New Blog

Of course, to cap it all off I had to have a new reel. New music, new intro, and a ton of new work I’ve done over the last year. Highlights of a lot of the cooler motion graphics effects I’ve done as well as my rediscovered 3d skills, which I sometimes feel get better by the day. I hope to keep adding to it as new projects are finished to keep this as an up-to-date showcase of what I (and increasingly, what Origo) can do.


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